Zhenan Bao joins Azul 3D advisory board

SKOKIE, IL, Jan. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — World-renowned electronics expert and entrepreneur Zhenan Bao has joined the advisory board of Azul 3D.Bao is a pioneer in the field of stretchable electronics. Her work includes the development of flexible, stretchable devices that can interface with skin and have potential applications for human prostheses and robotics. Bao is chairperson of the chemical and engineering department and professor of chemical engineering at Stanford University. She also is a co-founder and on the Board of Directors of Silicon Valley tech startups C3 Nano and PyrAmes.
“I am delighted to serve on the scientific advisory board of Azul 3D,” Bao said. “High-throughput 3D printing is a gamechanger. I look forward to help advance its possibilities.”
The addition of Bao kicks off another strong year for Azul 3D. In 2020, the fast-growing, leading-edge 3D printing company added two new members to its Board of Directors, including legendary investor Louis A. Simpson and 3D-printing veteran John Hartner, CEO of ExOne. After securing $10 million in an oversubscribed seed financing round, Azul 3D also inked an exclusive development collaboration with DuPont Electronics & Imaging to bring next-generation 3D printing technologies to the forefront of the electronic materials industry.
“Last year brought many successes, all of which validated the capabilities of our record-breaking high-area rapid printing (HARP) technology,” said Chad Mirkin, Azul 3D cofounder and chair. “I am encouraged that we have so much support from veterans from the 3D-printing industry and electronics experts, who recognize HARP’s unique potential to transform manufacturing. We look forward to another strong year of growth in 2021.”ABOUT AZUL 3D™Media Contact
Company Name: Azul 3D
Contact Person: Amanda Morris
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.azul3d.com

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