Xerdict Group LLC Launches Bankruptcy Matter Management Platform

NEWARK, NJ, July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Xerdict Group LLC is pleased to introduce our new bankruptcy management module. This module, like all elements of CaseEnsembleTM, is delivered within our secure, cloud-platform based legal management and collaboration system which helps law firms and corporate legal departments work in a more efficient and collaborative manner. The main features of the new bankruptcy module include the management of first day pleadings and bankruptcy schedules. It tracks participants such as debtors, creditors, organizational entities and law firms. It also provides functionality for detailed tracking of key bankruptcy matter data points such as assets, liabilities, payment schedules, forms, meetings and deadlines. This new bankruptcy module augments the vast feature set of Xerdict’s flagship product CaseEnsembleTM which is primarily designed to assist law firms and corporate clients with the various complex management and data tracking needs associated with sophisticated, large nationwide litigations.The timely construction of the new bankruptcy module, in response to changes in recent business conditions, emphasizes Xerdict’s ongoing commitment to developing innovative implementations within new legal markets via our unique, legal-focused application development platform powering quick and efficient development of management implementations.For more information on the new Xerdict bankruptcy systems, please contact Kenneth Jones ([email protected]).Kenneth Jones
Xerdict Group LLC
[email protected]

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