Realtor Chad Kaltenbach Receives 2020 Good Neighbour Award from National Association of Realtors

Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chad Kaltenbach, a renowned real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist recently received the coveted Good Neighbour Award from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for his immense contribution in the real estate industry. NAR gives this award annually to realtors that have had an extraordinary contribution to their immediate communities, nationally and even globally through volunteer work. The association announces five winners in the REALTOR magazine every fall and then recognized at the annual REALTORS Conference & Expo. The five receive $10,000 grants for their respective charities to encourage them to continue their good work. They also have all their travel expenses to the conference catered for and exposure to local and national media. There are also five honorable mentions and the five main winners that receive grants worth $2,500 for their charity and volunteer work. All applicants should be members of NAR.Through this initiative, charities have received more than one million worth of donations. The publicity that the winners get helps bring in more donations further assisting vulnerable communities. The initiative draws in more than 6,000 realtors who benefit from the 11 months of advertising and exposure from the time calls for entries are made in January to November when they hold the conference to present awards and the gala dinner.Chad, one of the five winners of the Good Neighbour Award, has been instrumental to the growth of the real estate industry locally, and nationally. Chad owns a real estate company called Kaltenbach Real Estate, in which he is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has been running this company successfully for the last 25 years, growing its portfolio to over $100 million. In the course of his career, he has used his success to help the less fortunate in society, especially children.  So far more than 10 charities have benefited from his donation. He has been most active in his contributions since the COVID-19 pandemic started. His increased efforts are driven by the knowledge that the pandemic has children from impoverished backgrounds more vulnerable.Chad attributes his success in business and philanthropy to his business background and a passion for entrepreneurship. Chad grew in a family that adored the entrepreneurship culture. His father, a successful businessman, introduced him to the world of business at a very young age. From this, he was able to get adequate business knowledge and skills that have played a significant role in his success. He further went to a business school at the university where he pursued a degree in business management graduating with top honors. Not one to be satisfied with just a minor achievement, he further advanced his education, pursuing an MBA that also sharpened his business skills and knowledge. After his schooling, Chad went on to work for various investment firm where in addition to experience, he made valuable connections that have helped him grow his company over time.Chad’s management skills are world-class. Over time, he has been able to start a real estate company from scratch and grow it into a multimillion-dollar company. He has a hands-on approach to management style. In this style, Chad is highly involved in the day to day activities of his business. He is very proactive, always participating in most things happening in his business. In most cases, he motivates and encourages his employees to push beyond their limits, and provides an enabling environment to ensure that they have everything they need to perform to their level best. This approach he has employed for the 25 years that his business has been in existence helped it grow to its current status.Chad’s company Kaltenbach Real Estate offers a variety of services to their clients. Besides buying and selling homes and commercial properties, the company also holds and rents out a variety of properties. Among the services the company offers include:Managing Clients’ PropertiesChad began his business with limited capital. The little capital meant that he would not at first buy completed projects due to their high cost. Therefore, he had to venture in flipping properties to make money, a business venture that his company still engages in but on a higher level. His company finds high-value properties under distress and helps the owners renovate and then sell them. In some cases, the company retains potential rental properties and manages the same on behalf of their clients. The company earns commissions on both selling and collecting rental income on behalf of their clients.Buying and Selling Properties on Behalf of ClientsKaltenbach is involved in the buying and selling of properties on behalf of their clients. These clients include those with commercial and residential properties. Few people have the know-how of how to sell or even buy properties, so they approach companies such as Kaltenbach for such services. Kaltenbach has been providing these services for more than two decades that the company has been in operation. Selling involves listing clients’ properties, advertising and marketing. Kaltenbach has adapted modern technologies including the use of social media platforms to market and sell properties and find those that need to sell of theirs.Provide Legal AdviceBuying and selling properties involves more than just exchanging money for properties. There are many legal procedures that sellers and buyers alike have to go through to ensure that their transactions are completed without any hitches. Kaltenbach real estate realises that very few people understand these legal procedures and easily lose property or their money if they fail to get professional assistance. Chad has a team of legal minds specialising in real estate that advise clients on the right procedures to follow when buying or selling and help them go through the required legal processes when involved in the actual transactions. Chad understands the importance of this in buying and selling properties hence his decision of having a legal department in his company.Advise Clients on Good Investment ChoicesHaving been in this industry for more than 25 years, Chad has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience. Therefore, he offers consulting services to would-be real estate entrepreneurs and his existing and potential clients. This advice goes a long way in helping customers, and aspiring entrepreneurs make informed decisions when involved in real estate transactions.Developing PropertiesIn addition to buying both new and old properties and reselling them for a profit, Kaltenbach also develops properties for their clients. If you own a piece of undeveloped land and need it developed, you can approach this company and express your interest. Over time, this company has developed hundreds of properties for different clients.Company’s AchievementsChad established Kaltenbach Real Estate about 25 years ago. In its operations, this company has achieved quite a lot it can write home about. Starting from scratch, the company has accumulated wealth in real estate over time to the tune of a portfolio worth more than 100 million dollars. The company has also significantly grown its customer base. It now serves hundreds of individual and corporate customers and continues to grow. It has also developed hundreds of properties for both individual and commercial clients and continues to do so. In terms of community development, Kaltenbach has employed thousands of people over time and helped a great deal start and grow their real estate careers. Various existing real estate companies can attribute their growth and success to Kaltenbach Real Estate. There is still a lot to be achieved as the real estate industry continues to diversify and grow. Kaltenbach continuously aligns itself with new developments and changes in this industry to ensure consistent company growth and development.In addition to business and company growth, Chad, through this company has been involved in several charities to alleviate poverty in his local community and other places around the world. Chad has donated thousands of dollars over time, especially to charities that focus on the homeless and supporting children and adults from impoverished backgrounds. The company has seen hundreds of families receive decent housing and thousands of children get a chance to decent shelter and education. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Chad has been very helpful through his company, especially to the homeless. He has donated thousands of dollars to charities and families to help poor people get decent shelters and food. These donations have gone a long way in reducing the impact this pandemic would have had on such families and individuals.Future PlansAs technology continues to advance, bringing about new tidings to the real estate industry, the future can only be bright for Kaltenbach Real Estate. The company continues to promote the ideas of clean and smart cities and has been at the forefront of advocating for building materials and methods that are friendly to the environment. Many real estate companies are now experimenting with environmentally friendly and recyclable building materials to reduce carbon emissions and the cost of construction to enable as many people as possible get homes all over the world. Kaltenbach has not been left behind in this. The company aims at investing in advanced technologies to reduce carbon emissions.In an effort to provide affordable homes and improve communities around the world, Kaltenbach is working with financial institutions to build affordable homes. So far, many financial institutions have shown an interest in this venture, considering that there are many potential clients, and the market is largely untapped. Most real estate companies have been focusing on the upper and middle-income clients that have since flooded the market. There is still a huge gap in low-income earners who form the majority of the populations of most countries around the world. With adequate financing and investing in low cost and environmentally friendly materials, Kaltenbach hopes to tap into this market to grow its customer base and help as many people as possible acquire homes. The company is investing heavily in prefabricated homes, a new technology that is changing the traditional method of constructing homes. Using prefabricated materials to put up decent and affordable homes has cut the construction cost by more than 40% and continues to cut down further with improved technologies and as contractors get more ideas. These among many other recent advancements will see many low-income earners in the country and around the world get decent homes. It is among the most viable ways in which real estate companies, in conjunction with other relevant stakeholders are alleviating poverty worldwide.In addition to affordable homes and advancements in technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Kaltenbach Real Estate is aligning itself with new demands arising from today’s market. Properties are no longer about the space, but a variety of other requirements. Today’s client is looking for more amenities as a consideration before acquiring a particular property. Potential clients for rental units in cities and other towns are looking for extra amenities such as access to the internet, parking areas, garbage collection, working spaces, energy efficiency and access to common areas among others. Such amenities have increased in demand such that properties without at least some of them will lose a great deal. It is such developments that Kaltenbach Real Estate is looking into to ensure that the new properties it develops and acquires addresses these needs and more. There is still a huge housing gap that continues to grow, hence the need to align with these technologies for the future.Kaltenbach Real Estate is an established real estate company based in Columbus, Ohio. It has been in existence for more than two decades. The company focuses on property development for sale and also has a huge portfolio of rental properties. It also provides diverse real estate services to both individual and commercial customers. It has departments with experts dealing with real estate queries ranging from buying, selling and developing properties, to legal advice on matters dealing with the mentioned services. It is a one-stop-shop for all issues of real estate.Chad was recently featured in Inspirery and DotCom Magzine, and you can connect with him on LinkedInChad Kaltenbach
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