NEXT Trucking Faces COVID-19 Challenges Head-On

El Segundo, California, July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The last few months for many companies across all industries have provided plenty of new challenges. COVID-19 has put a lot of companies in tough situations, and NEXT Trucking has focused on making life a little easier for all the clients they work with. They understand the importance of keeping things as normal as possible, and they have gone through the steps to do exactly that.Providing help for retailersCompanies still need to find ways to move goods from the distribution centers, over to local facilities to make sales. To do that, things are slightly different because of the pandemic. Certain supplies need to get there as soon as possible, as they are deemed essential items. For others, companies might not need as fast of shipping, and they can transport everything more affordably.NEXT Trucking is located in a very strategic part of the world, with port availability in Los Angeles and Long Beach. That means if a company has any drayage needs, they can benefit from using NEXT Trucking as well. While other competitors are struggling to make a demand of clients, NEXT Trucking is still finding ways to make it all work for clients that need assistance.Why storage is so importantStorage goes beyond just using the ports for temporary solutions. There is so much congestion going on at the ports when it comes to moving goods that some companies are looking for other ways to store product. NEXT Trucking can also assist with that, as they have yard space available to help companies avoid demurrage fees.Having the flexibility to offer so many different solutions for companies gives clients a lot of peace of mind when working with NEXT Trucking. Instead of having to scramble for another solution from a different company, clients can stay with NEXT Trucking instead.Passing along assistance to the consumerThanks to the efficiency of NEXT Trucking when dealing with the pandemic, it is benefiting the consumer down the line. Certain companies ran into logistical issues that put a lot of pressure on their supply chain. Those that are working with NEXT Trucking have seen very minimal delays, or no delays at all. Everything is hardly back to normal, but NEXT Trucking has smoothed out the issues as much as possible.Dealing with the potential futureNo one knows whether the pandemic is going to last a few more weeks, a few more months, or even a few more years. There could very well be some fallout from Covid-19 in some industries for years to come. NEXT Trucking is working around the clock to keep ahead of the pandemic as much as possible, which helps in the long run.

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