Lee Hnetinka’s Silicon Valley Product Fulfillment Logistics Darkstore Launches Updated Website

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MENLO PARK, CA–(Marketwired – Dec 11, 2017) – Third-party logistics Darkstore is announcing the launch of their new website. The company has been featured by a lot of news agencies recently and is one of the most promising enterprises in the field of products delivery. They offer product fulfillment within an hour, same-day deliveries, or standard shipping based on proximity to their warehouses.

For retailers and e-commerce businesses looking for a reliable courier, Darkstore gives them a low-cost and speedy shipment of goods and services. The startup company is considered to be a promising alternative to the conventional ways of handling product fulfillment as they can do it promptly along with saving on the shipping costs. This is ideal for sellers and other online merchants who do not have their own facility to store their goods.

Founded by Lee Hnetinka, Darkstore is a great on-demand third-party fulfillment platform that uses innovative technology to give access to retailers for their services. Leveraging delivery fulfillment with the use of in-store excess space utilization, the company provides direct-to-customer shipment of purchased products.

Although this game-changing concept is not relatively new, the idea of using an unutilized warehouse space to store products for fulfillment was not popularly used in the country. Akin to what Darkstore is providing, the technology has long since been used in cities like Taiwan and London where business owners utilize unused parts of their warehouses to store those that need to ship out.

In a similar concept, Darkstore searches for idle facilities within major urban areas and uses it to accommodate products that need to be fulfilled. Online sellers and other clients who lack the means to acquire their own facility or simply have been overcrowded with products greatly benefit from the use of a third-party logistics company like Darkstore.

Darkstore has also been working closely with other industry and recently completed a fundraising round that was featured on TechCrunch. Darkstore is one of the most promising technologically enabled companies who has been steadily gaining business partners all over the country.

You can visit the new website today at darkstore.com.

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