Karya Property Management’s Karya Kares Program Stamps Importance on Global Education

Houston, Texas, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As a major charity and advocacy resource located in Houston, Texas, Karya Property Management’s Karya Kares organization acts as a non-profit program dedicated to the welfare and improvement of millions of lives across the globe. Since its inception, Karya Kares has sought to meet the needs of those seeking gainful levels of education and economic relief, regardless of their background.

One of Karya Kares’ most prominent efforts acts within the area of educational support for families in need. While founders Swapnil Agarwal and Vivek Shah have consistently utilized the program to help those within the Houston area, efforts have also extended far into that of other countries. 

In the past few years, Karya Kares has significantly expanded its educational campaign for India, supporting two schools in Lucknow and Agra respectively. These listed schools provide a steady combination of educational and vocational training to over 750 students, as well as providing healthy midday meals to support childhood nutrition. Karya Kares ensured that the children received special academic amenities including new buildings, new classrooms, safe commute services, and plans to open two small-scale job centers. These centers will help provide stable employment resources for the mothers and/or guardians of the school children. With these factors and facilities in play, the children and their families thus have a better opportunity to continue higher education without the financial burden that often comes with academic pursuit.

The Karya Kares Foundation was first established with the goal of providing charity services to families across the country, from financial support to rental assistance and housing services. Karya Kares’ parent company, Karya Property Management, manages 20,000 multifamily apartments across the country. It developed the Karya Kares program as a means of giving back to the community, as well as fostering a sense of goodwill and focus on those in need of financial assistance. The program’s global education initiative is primarily focused on providing disadvantaged parties, particularly children, with the opportunity to find the tools they need to flourish and lead successful lives.

The Karya Kares organization aims to continue making strides within the world of educational services as well, utilizing its 501(c)(3) registered status to continue providing others with the resources they need to expand horizons and break through the weight of financial hardship.


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