Karen Hanlon Featured on WTSP 10 Tampa Bay “Beautiful People” TV Morning Show

  • May 25, 2023
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TAMPA, Fla., May 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Karen Hanlon, the visionary behind Painting Your Soul, was featured today in a segment of “Beautiful People” on the WTSP 10 Tampa Bay morning show, hosted by Jabari Thomas. The appearance marks the second time this spring that Karen has been featured on a Tampa TV program, following her appearance in March on Bloom TV with Gayle Guyardo.

Karen Hanlon on Beautiful People Tampa Bay with Jabari Thomas

In today’s “Beautiful People” segment, Karen explains to host Jabari the profound impact of holistic art therapy in healthcare settings. She articulates how the formula she developed – Soul Care™ – is not so much about the painting itself, but about the process of combining meditation, essential oils, positive affirmations, journaling, and finally the creation of art itself.

Karen’s uniquely designed therapy experience helps patients enhance their self-awareness, cope with symptoms and illness, and deal with stressful and traumatic experiences. It’s a non-verbal form of communication that fosters connections with oneself, and others, providing the individual with a valuable means of expression and connection.

“Going through a transition in my own life, I utilized journaling, painting, essential oils, and meditation – and all of those worked beautifully for me,” Karen explains on the segment. “I decided to put them together into a formula that went into a workshop for other people going through similar transitions in their lives.”

Her form of holistic art therapy has been highly beneficial to people looking to relieve stress and anxiety, while also enabling a profound self-connection, Karen says. “When they paint, they’re connecting with themselves through art, and combining each element of the process is very powerful.”

Karen highlights the significance of journal writing within this process, saying “it helps the person to problem solve better and to remove obstacles.” By integrating the journal writing with the overall therapeutic process, it has a long-lasting impact on the individual.

Karen elaborates on how the Soul Care™ formula and process guides the individual toward a place of clarity. “It’s because they’re in the present moment – transcending the ‘fight or flight’ response and anxiety – that they’re able to think clearly.”

This is a class not just for artists, Karen explains. It’s for everyone.

“We were all designed to create, and every one of us has a gift inside,” she says. “Soul Care™ will help you find your own personal gift.”

Karen Hanlon’s contributions to the field of holistic art therapy continue to inspire healthcare professionals and patients alike. Her appearance today on “Beautiful People” is another example of her expertise and passion for enhancing patient care through artistic expression.

To learn more about Soul Care™, Painting Your Soul and the transformative power of holistic art therapy, please visit www.paintingyoursoul.com.

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