Iceland’s Pure Natura Leads Whole-Food Supplement Trend for 2021

PALM BEACH, FL, Jan. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American consumers, especially millennials, are turning their backs on synthetic and welcoming natural, whole-food supplements.A Nutritional Outlook article highlights the growing popularity of whole-food supplements as a health trend to watch in 2021. Nutritional Outlook also reports that millennials are the driving force behind the popularity of whole-food supplements.“Consumers realize the nutritional value of whole-food supplements,” said Hildur Magnusdottir, CEO of Pure Natura, which markets freeze-dried whole-supplements made from organ meat. “People want natural, whole-food ingredients, which they see as healthier than supplements made from synthetic ingredients.”Pure Natura, based in Iceland, plans to expand its U.S. distribution network of its whole-food supplements, which are packed with the natural nutrition that comes from organ meat. The secret ingredient in Pure Natura’s freeze-dried whole-food supplements is organ meat from Icelandic free-roaming lambs.“For generations, organ meat had been a staple in society’s diet. Organ meat is one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods available to people,” Magnusdottir said. “Unfortunately, modern society moved away from the culinary traditions of its ancestors.“Pure Natura is bringing back our ancestor’s traditional diet in an easy-to-digest whole-food supplement,” she added.Most American consumers don’t realize that organ meat is packed with more nutrients, vitamins, protein, and minerals than the traditional meat staple of today’s diet.In the modern society’s hustle and bustle, fast-moving world, people may not have the time to prepare the meals that their great-grandparents enjoyed generations ago.“Our supplements provide the nutritious benefits of organ meat by freeze-drying the ingredients that allow people to eat liver and organ meats raw safely,” she said. “Pure Natura’s return to nature brings back the healthy diet of our ancestors.”, a popular health and wellness website, now carries the following Pure Natura products:LIVER, which is Pure Natura’s flagship supplement, is freeze-dried Icelandic lamb liver or “nature’s multi-vitamin,” as many people call it.DETOX, which supports detoxification pathways and overall health, contains hand-picked Icelandic herbs, such as dandelion root, birch leaves, and Angelica seeds.BALANCE, which is the perfect supplement for overall heart health and athletic performance, contains freeze-dried Icelandic lamb hearts, yarrow, birch leaves, Rhodiola Rosea, and chamomile. BALANCE is packed with CoQ10 for mitochondrial support, adaptogenic herbs, and other crucial nutrients for optimal health and performance.POWER, which is the ultimate supplement for CEOs and white-collar workers who need relief from a stressful lifestyle, is packed with nutrients from freeze-dried lamb liver and hearts and adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola Rosea.Magnusdottir founded Pure Natura in 2015 with two other women to manufacture the purest dietary supplements on the market.Pure Natura’s whole-food supplements only use Icelandic free-roaming lamb and wild-harvested herbs. In contrast to bovine supplements, Pure Natura is the only ovine (lamb) organ supplement on the market. The lambs are free from growth-promoting antibiotics and growth hormones.“Pure Natura is an Icelandic company focused on creating the purest supplements available by using only all-natural Icelandic ingredients,” Magnusdottir said. “Our whole-food supplements are the missing link in modern nutrition because organ meat is one of the best sources of nutrition.”For more information, visit AttachmentPure Natura ProductsRobert Grant
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