How Xavier Abraham Is Reinventing PR With Pytch

  • October 31, 2020
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Los Angeles, US, Oct. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Founder & Creative Director Xavier Abraham stated that he created his subscription business Pytch to pave a new way for creatives to market their content in the digital age with a cost-effective, invite-only PR platform. As the pandemic slows global hiring and with many facing layoffs, creatives such as musicians, artists, graphic designers, and independent brands are finding new ways to produce projects but are now faced with the challenge of building awareness of their artistic work due to low marketing budgets.As creatives deal with costly agency retainers, there’s an opportunity to ditch the old model and provide an alternative solution. So Abraham built an early version of Pytch a few years ago and found success. This year’s safer-at-home period allowed Abraham to focus on the project, launching a beta version last year before the full launch two months ago. “This low-cost subscription model could be exactly what’s needed for this industry,” Abraham states.
For the cost of a Netflix subscription, Pytch creates PR campaigns for creatives. With a starting price of $15 per month, Pytch is a software backed by a team of experts, providing assistance on developing your story, offering a well-curated media database, and will pitch your story to journalists, giving the user full transparency on what’s executed from start to finish.
Abraham was a PR agency owner himself and frustrations grew when the creatives he wanted to work with didn’t have financial backing for a collaboration. “We’re dealing with some rough times at the moment. More companies are laying off their staff, so everyone’s going to have to make cutbacks,” Abraham explains. “I started brainstorming solutions to this competitive industry. How can I help creatives continue to build their brand during these uncertain times?”
Today, Abraham announced that he’s working on the next update to their software that’s set to go live shortly, pulling inspiration from his favorite marketing tools as an agency owner. “I’m working on some ideas and I think it’s time for us to push against the current, experiment a little, and see what works. It’s time for a change.”
Pytch is growing with over 200 members and plans to expand globally, looking to build partnerships with brands.Media Details
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Phone No: 866-477-9824
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