Growers Edge Expands RangeAg Farmland Valuation Tool to Four Additional States

  • July 10, 2024
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  • Growers Edge Expands RangeAg Farmland Valuation Tool to Four Additional States

JOHNSTON, Iowa, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Growers Edge, a technology firm that provides modern financial products and data-driven tools for agricultural retailers, manufacturers, and lenders, today announced the expansion of its farmland valuation tool, RangeAg. Already available in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, RangeAg is now expanding to cover four additional states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri.

RangeAg gives growers, investors, lenders, and buyers access to a sophisticated automated valuation model (AVM) used to generate instant land valuation reports for over 144 million acres, or over 50 percent of all federally-insured farmland in the United States.

Growers Edge helps growers by offering products and services for income assurance, risk management, and sustainable farming practices. The RangeAg tool provides a singular view of critical valuation factors including soil ratings, satellite imagery, crop history, and FEMA flood map data. To offer a comprehensive view of individual parcels of farmland, RangeAg aggregates relevant insights to provide instant and more accurate land valuations.

“We are thrilled to expand RangeAg and bring a new level of precision and efficiency to farmland valuation,” said Matt Hansen, CEO of Growers Edge. “Our goal is to empower farmers, investors, lenders, and land buyers with the best tools and data available. With RangeAg we are making the process of land appraisal faster and more accurate than ever before.”

RangeAg’s comprehensive analysis capabilities and user-friendly interface empowers growers, investors, and buyers to ensure critical land investment decisions are:

  • Precise: RangeAg increases valuation accuracy by providing users with access to comprehensive farmland attributes such as land use and soil quality.
  • Equitable: RangeAg accelerates the land valuation process by removing human biases, ensuring all parties have a clear understanding of fair land value.
  • Efficient: RangeAg reduces the need for traditional appraisal methods by providing a streamlined alternative.

With tools like RangeAg, Growers Edge helps growers, retailers, manufacturers, and lenders re-envision the future of agriculture by accelerating innovation, sustainability, and resilience through data. As a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, the company promotes sustainable products, collaboration, and conservation across the food and agriculture value chain.

To generate a detailed farmland attribute report and instant farmland valuation, visit and register for a free account. To learn more about Growers Edge, go to

About Growers Edge

Growers Edge provides modern financial products and data-driven tools that help forward-thinking agriculture retailers, manufacturers, and lenders reduce their growers’ risks and costs when adopting newer innovative solutions and practices. The company’s crop plan warranties and input financing solutions are trusted by dozens of retailers and manufacturers to assist hundreds of growers affordably purchase their products and guarantee yields on nearly one million acres of cropland.

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