Driving Next Gen Human-Centricity: Discuss Reports Another Period of Record Growth in First Half of 2024

  • July 10, 2024
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  • Driving Next Gen Human-Centricity: Discuss Reports Another Period of Record Growth in First Half of 2024

Seattle, Washington, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Discuss, the all-in-one platform driving next gen human centricity, is excited to announce their continued momentum in the first half of 2024, marked by market share growth, strategic innovations, and impact on the industry.

Market Momentum

Discuss continued its successful trajectory in the first half of 2024, welcoming renowned brands into its community, including three out of the top ten largest global companies, by market cap, as well as dozens of other large global brands such as Tesco, Danone, Mondelez International, Jägermeister, PVH Corp. (parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), Suntory Global Spirits, Super.com, AB InBev, Reckitt, and agencies including Verve, Fusion Hill, CMB, and ADEO Group – reaffirming its position as the preferred partner for empowering global organizations to scale human centricity.

These new customers, along with the unlimited subscription model and new asynchronous feature that Discuss introduced last year, are driving platform adoption with usage 48% higher compared to the same period last year and a year-over-year ARR growth of 74% compared to the same period last year (H1).

In the first half of the year, the organization’s global workforce continued to expand significantly, with new hires across the globe in Development, Customer Success & Services, and Sales and Marketing. The influx of talent from diverse locations highlights Discuss’ commitment to supporting its growing global customer base with a best-in-class, worldwide team.

Next-Gen Innovations

GenAI Tools to Scale Qual Research 

Genie, the company’s GenAI suite of tools, continueds to outpace the industry with its added capabilities focused on instantly summarizing key themes on an even broader global scale. For example, if interviews within a research project include respondents speaking English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, or Polish, in one click, Genie instantly assesses each conversation and uses them to craft a project level summary and key themes along with supporting points and statements for each theme. The added language support now enables Genie to be fully leveraged across the 100+ countries where the rest of the Discuss platform is already being used for qualitative research today. Additionally, the precision of the auto-transcriptions used in generating the summaries also increased for dozens of languages, further enhancing Genie’s ability to deliver exceptionally detailed and accurate session recaps, summaries, themes, and quotes on a global scale.

Leveraging its deep expertise in market research, Discuss continues to tailor its GenAI tools for the unique demands of the insights industry while being able to use the most current large language models (LLMs) that make these giant quarterly leaps possible, and enable customers to understand and incorporate global consumer insights into their business decisions with ease.

All-In-One Global Research Hub

In the first half of 2024, Discuss continued to deliver a best-in-class, purpose-built platform to support unlocking human centricity at scale. In addition to further enhancing both its live and asynchronous capabilities, Discuss also made it even simpler to upload entire folders of videos from virtually any source in a few clicks. Once these off-platform videos are uploaded, transcripts are instantly created and Genie provides recaps of each file and across all the uploaded files. All the same great video editing and highlight reel tools can then also be leveraged to generate end reports more quickly and share key moments with stakeholders more easily. With these updates, Discuss is now being used as a global human centricity hub.

An Unlimited Research Model

Introduced in 2023, Discuss’ innovative unlimited research model is now widely seen as the way for organizations to do more research, their way. With plans that not only include unlimited use of Discuss’ live, asynchronous, and GenAI capabilities but also unlimited use of key services such as live technical support to ensure every focus group or in-depth interview (IDI) goes perfectly, or project management, or even recruiting while paying one fixed ‘per researcher’ seat fee, customers are running projects faster, more efficiently, and doing more qual research that’s helping drive better strategic decisions and planning. This approach has proven to be loved by customers as it eliminates red tape of creating PO’s, statements of work, and other paperwork typically required to get approved internally prior to starting a project. Customers have also loved that they can more easily budget their qualitative research and if they do more than planned, it won’t further eat into their annual budget.

Discuss also expanded its offerings beyond mere technological solutions with the introduction of Discuss University, a virtual launchpad providing on-demand resources, guides, and courses. This initiative aims to democratize human centricity by equipping researchers with the needed tools to extract valuable consumer insights effectively.

Impacting Industry Conversations & G2 Recognition 

Continuing to lead industry conversations, Discuss facilitated numerous conversations on the new era of market research and GenAI. This involved engagements including TMRE@Home with PepsiCo, Quirk’s events in London with Reckitt and in Chicago with Edgewell Personal Care, as well as IIEX Europe, once again collaborating with PepsiCo.

Discuss continues to excel in innovation and customer satisfaction, receiving recognition in the G2 Quarterly Reports every quarter for two years running. In the Summer 2024 reports, Discuss was recognized as a Leader and a top Momentum Leader among 54 vendors in User Research and 14 vendors in Consumer Video Feedback. Notably, it was named #1 Best Results in Consumer Video Feedback, with users highlighting its ability to achieve a 6-month return on investment, over twice as fast as the industry average of 13 months.

Additionally, for the third consecutive year, Discuss was named Overall SaaS Award winner in the Analytics and Business Intelligence category of the 2024 APPEALIE SaaS Awards.

Pioneering the Future of Human-Centric Research

Now more than ever, global organizations are prioritizing listening to their consumers and integrating their voices into strategic decisions. A large-scale study by M&C Saatchi found that an empathy deficit in business costs the average brand over $300 million in lost revenue every year. While a study by Gallup Workplace reports that human-centric companies saw a 25% increase in customer loyalty and a 20% increase in customer confidence. 

Discuss’ momentum in the first half of 2024 underscores its role in enabling global organizations to achieve human-centricity at scale with its all-in-one solution and next gen GenAI tools. With a commitment to continuous innovation, Discuss continues to lead its customers to the forefront of this new era.


About Discuss
Discuss stands as an all-in-one qualitative research platform, driving next gen human centricity. We believe in the transformative impact of truly listening, understanding, and valuing customers’ experiences, recognizing their critical role in fostering empathy. Trusted by the leading Market Insights, CX, and UX professionals worldwide, Discuss goes beyond data points, delivering in-depth insights in real time and transforming consumer relationships. As a pioneering leader in the qualitative market research space, our platform is the choice of global brands and agencies, including Unilever, Viking Cruises, Ipsos, KraftHeinz, HP, Reckitt, and Mastercard, enabling them to make more informed strategic decisions faster than ever before. Talk to an expert to transform your insights into powerful, human-centric strategies that drive action and deliver results. 

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