Cat Lawyer Uses Viral Internet Fame to Lend Nonprofit Support

Pecos, Texas, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rod Ponton, the Texas-based lawyer whose video went viral after he was stuck in a cat filter during an online call, is using his internet fame to support Firefly Fund. His niece, Pam Andrews, co-founded the nonprofit with a mission to fund and support the research and education necessary to accelerate a cure for rare neurodegenerative genetic diseases that affect children and currently have no cure. Firefly Fund’s journey began in 2017 with a focus on Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC).  The nonprofit is kicking off its annual World Rare Disease Day event on Sunday (Feb. 28) and selling T-shirts with Ponton’s now infamous quote: “I’m here live. I’m not a cat,” to directly benefit the organization.“The Cat Lawyer has become an internet sensation, bringing much-needed laughter to people around the world,” Ponton said. “I have received a lot of media attention as a result of the mishap. It is my hope to use the opportunity as a springboard to continue to spread joy. I am glad for people to laugh at my expense, especially if it serves as a means of giving back.”Andrews, along with her husband, co-founded Firefly Fund after their daughters Belle and Abby were diagnosed with NPC in March of 2016 at the ages of 6 and 20 months. Belle was diagnosed following a long quest for answers and significant onset of symptoms including enlargement of the liver and spleen, slurred speech, lack of muscle coordination, tremors, and difficulty with fine motor skill development. Abby, who was tested for the genetic disease following her older sister’s diagnosis, was diagnosed and treated prior to the onset of symptoms. The incidence of NPC is estimated to be about one case per 100,000 live births. There are currently about 2,000 diagnosed cases of NPC worldwide. “We are honored that Uncle Rod has given permission to let us use his ‘likeness’ in support of Firefly Fund,” Pam Andrews said. “Given the ongoing pandemic, we decided on a virtual Rare Disease Day event this year and needed to get creative in our fundraising efforts. The timing of the ‘cat call’ was serendipitous. We look forward to using the funds raised to further our efforts to accelerate a cure for rare neurodegenerative genetic diseases.”To date, the Cat Lawyer video has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and has resulted in an estimated 14 billion impressions worldwide.About Rod Ponton, Attorney at LawDespite his minor technical faux “paw”, Rod Ponton (aka The Cat Lawyer) has had a distinguished 39-year legal career representing individuals, cities, counties, port authorities, political subdivisions, and corporations. Ponton is currently serving his third term as Presidio County Attorney and formerly served as the elected 83rd District Attorney (Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, and Presidio Counties). Ponton operates the private law firm of The Law Office of Rod Ponton – Big Bend Law, an active civil practice focused on real estate matters, civil litigation, and family law. He became internet famous when a video of him stuck in an online cat filter went viral. For more information, visit Havelick
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