ACWA Presents Emissary Award to Kathleen Tiegs

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) today presented its 14th annual Emissary Award to Kathleen Tiegs, Board Director for Cucamonga Valley Water District and ACWA Past President. Presented at ACWA’s 2019 Fall Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, the award recognizes individuals who have made remarkable contributions to California water through voluntary service to ACWA.
During her ACWA presidency, Tiegs’ strong belief in the power of collaboration led to 89 “Meet the President” events with more than 230 member agencies throughout the state. These collaborative efforts truly demonstrated her commitment to ensuring that all member agencies’ voices and opinions were heard to unify ACWA’s voice and strengthen its mission and successes.“Kathleen Tiegs exemplifies what it means to be a collaborative and thoughtful leader,” said ACWA President Brent Hastey. “She has been a true ambassador of ACWA’s mission and a valuable member of the water community.”Tiegs has also served on ACWA’s Federal Affairs Committee, Local Government Committee and ACWA’s Region 9 Board of Directors.She has served on the Cucamonga Valley Water District’s Board of Directors since 2005 and also serves as Chair of the Southern California Water Coalition and as a California Special Districts Association Board Member. Prior to her board service, she retired from a career in water resource management, working for a wholesale water agency for more than 30 years.Contact: Heather Engel, Director of Communications | (916) 441-4545 | C (760) 217-0627 
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