A sacred dialogue between a great counselor and his son presents deep meditative truths that will awaken readers’ hearts

MANASSAS, Va., Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lebanese-American poet and writer Kahlil Gibran’s book titled “The Prophet” shares spiritual wisdom of the more societal human experience. Inspired by this book, Kevin MacNevin Clark’s book titled “The New Prophet” (published by Balboa Press) presents deep meditative truths that will awaken readers’ hearts. Knowing his final days are upon him and wanting to be with his family, the great counselor Ishala returns to his hometown where he had spent many years healing wounds and providing hope to so many. His beloved son Ezekiel sits with him through his last days, and together, they share a sacred conversation in which the son asks his father to bestow upon him his wisdom regarding the human condition. The counselor — a man who has lived a life of love and service with each word he spoke and each breath he took — recounts parables and enriches his meaning through metaphor as he leaves his son with this beautiful parting gift. “This book addresses addiction, trauma, division among people and emphasizes the need for us as humans to come together evolutionally to create a more hopeful present,” Clark says. “It creates a unique and intimate experience for the reader to help them come into alignment with their truth. There really is no other book quite like it that I have discovered.”      The topics covered in this book are pertinent to all as it covers common ground on the human experience. Those particularly interested in it will be spiritual seekers, those in helping professions and those in need of emotional help. It offers healing, hope, insight and wisdom. For more details about the book, please visit https://www.amazon.com/New-Prophet-Kevin-Macnevin-Clark/dp/1982254157      “The New Prophet”By Kevin MacNevin ClarkHardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 132 pages | ISBN 9781982254148Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 132 pages | ISBN 9781982254155E-Book | 132 pages | ISBN 9781982254193Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble About the AuthorKevin MacNevin Clark has found deep purpose through his work in the behavioral health field, specializing in treating addiction and trauma. He holds a degree in psychology and has been on his own path of awakening since 2005, getting sober and entering recovery in 2006. He founded Excelsior Addiction Services, LLC in 2020. He resides in Virginia with his family, living by his guiding philosophy that there are no hopeless cases.Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc. – a leading provider in publishing products that specialize in self-help and the mind, body, and spirit genres. Through an alliance with the worldwide self-publishing leader Author Solutions, LLC, authors benefit from the leadership of Hay House Publishing and the speed-to-market advantages of the self-publishing model. For more information, visit balboapress.com. To start publishing your book with Balboa Press, call 844-682-1282 today.AttachmentCover_lMarketing Services
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